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Say goodbye to time-consuming excel sheets and start using a more effective method of managing your employees' attendance. With our cloud-based attendance management solution, you can generate analytical insights, regularise attendance, and provide your on-site and remote staff the freedom to check in from any location.

The Features of Our Attendance Management System


Track in detail about the changes in employees’ absence and attendance data


Easy Payroll Management


Gives you easy access to your every month’s salary slip


Simplifies Separation Process


Easy Leave Application


Create Task assignment for External and Internal Departments


Ticket Management System


Assists in keeping track of working hours, break and lunch times

Build Employee Engagement

With a detailed understanding of staff absences, planning is made easier. With IP and location-based attendance marking, you can maintain the integrity of your workforce. Our system enables your employees to check in through the attendance management portal, track their own attendance, and submit regularisation requests. Thus increasing the overall work efficiency and productivity of the organisation.

Employee Engagement

What Separates Us from the Rest?

Biometric & RFID System
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Say Good-Bye to Old-Fashioned Biometric & RFID System

After the COVID situation, maintaining contactless attendance tracking system and preventing proxy attendance has become easy. Innovative Bharat now provides advanced technology with cloud-based attendance management portal to track the employees’ real-time attendance.

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All time access

Give your staff the option to check in from any location using a web browser or mobile app. This method is secure and safe thanks to IP and geo-restrictions. Additionally, they boost productivity by enabling your staff to access work from any permitted location or device.

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Access to the employees

The attendance management portal from Innovative Bharat offers four different attendance views that make it clear for employees when it comes to their log-in and log-out hours, overtime information, absences, and more. Managers and staff may now make better plans with the help of the attendance management portal.

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Easily rectifiable

Sometimes a technological or manual mistake might prevent the attendance of an employee from being recorded. Employees may submit a request for the entry to be rectified if this happens. The manager is then informed, who has the option to investigate and approve a modification.

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Many options are available

Innovative Bharat provides you with an attendance management system that offers you with various options apart from only log-in and log-out. There are PLI, PIP, salary slip, employee-attendance LOP etc options available, that can help all the employees of your organisation.

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Low-cost advantages

Innovative Bharat delivers top quality attendance portal management services at economical prices, with a fast turnaround time. We also customise our services to suit particular company needs.

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Why Choose Innovative Bharat?

Innovative Bharat is aware that satisfied clients are the cornerstone of every flourishing company. You can rely on our knowledgeable and experienced staff to deliver the best service for the attendance management system for client satisfaction. With the help of our services, you may stay updated with your employees’ every day working hours, logging-in and logging-out time and many more. Our expert team provides unmatched quality in our service and professionally addresses the queries and worries of our clients.


The HR department can observe who is logged in and at what time with the use of an employee attendance tracking system. You can be confident that you only compensate your staff for the hours they actually put in. The organisation's labour cost is accurately shown through the employee attendance system.

Yes. Innovative Bharat is very professional and cares about all the clients. We always keep each and every data of our customers secure and private.

With the help of this attendance management system, your employee can easily record the time they log in and log out. It may also be accessible from a desktop computer, which need not be on the corporate campus of your business. The employee benefits from keeping track of their work hours. With a few clicks, they can also check their remaining leave, and the portability enables your on-field employees to easily submit their attendance remotely.

One of the crucial procedures in the HR division is the attendance management system. Monitoring employee attendance is essential for the sustainability and profitability of the organisation.